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Additional Availability Request - Associated Shift Type

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We would like the ability for the employee role to designated their Associated Shift when making a Additional Availability request for Open Shifts/Overtime. 

This is because our Ramp and MTX contracts require that employees sign up and be awarded based off of their associated shift. Until those who match the associated shift start time of the Open Shift/Overtime and the employee's bid line is when there are no restrictions to awarding shifts. 

For example:

- As a Company Administrator, I have designated Shift 1 as an Associated Shift that has shift start times from 0500-1159

- Employee A's bid line schedule has shifts with hours from 0500-1330, so the employee would fall under the Shift 1 Associated Shift

- Employee A needs the ability to designate that they are making a Additional Availability request for Shift 1 Open Shifts

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