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Disabling the Ability to Reply to Auto-Generated Emails

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Provide Location Administrators have the ability to adjust the Email Reply function from the SETTINGS tab. Selecting

the Edit E-mail Settings link displays the list of the application's various e-mail conditions, a brief description

and the "Default Reply To" value.

The "Reply To" option allows the user to select the following options from the dropdown menu:

• Default - Nothing will change, e-mail will continue to have the default Reply To address.

• None - No Reply To address will be added on this e-mail type.

• Override - The Reply To Override input area is available to manually enter an address that will be set as

the Reply To address for this e-mail type.

Provide a bulk edit option which would be available above the e-mail type table, where users can set a Reply To option for all e-mails with a given Default Reply To value which functions as described above.

Then allow for the user to click the Apply button to save and enable all changes.