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Hiding sensitive paycodes from Employee Role report

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It was recently reported by an employee that the Multi Skill Duty Roster report made absence reasons visible within the Employee role. This caused an issue because sensitive information such as the absence reasoning code of “Bereavement” triggered co-workers to reach out with condolences to the applicable employee. Although the company has said this is not a violation of privacy within the system, they have requested the report pulled by employees be more sensitive with regards to certain codes. This is only needed for the Employee role as the elevated roles already have access to the sensitive information. Since several locations require employees to utilize the Multi Skill Duty Roster report for visible staffing needs (to see open lines), we cannot remove this report from the Employee role. Due to the current limitations in report role selecting, I have provided a thought below:

As Company Admin, adding an option that sets the Absent Reason with a generic “absent” code restricting co-workers in the employee role from seeing sensitive reasons. Specifically, with the Multi Skill Duty Roster report and ONLY within the Employee Role. (Other roles remain unchanged with this report)

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The result of this option would look like this…

Image 43

Vanessa Evenson

Actually, to hide any visibilty of sensitive data from any report available on the employee level would be beneficial.  It may be best to leave this in the hands of a company admin to manage what is sensitive and what is not as we need to create consistancy across all locations.  Currently the employee role is blocked from seeing "sensitive data" from shift history outside of their own.

John Brant
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This version of the Duty Roster report is designed for use by employee levels that SHOULD have access to possibly sensitive date such as absent reason. There are other version of the duty roster report (such as the Simple Duty Roster) which does not show absences at all and would be safe for the audience of front line employees.

Therefore, there is no need to change this report. Simply make the other "safe" reports available to the employee level user (or make it available and control which employee level users can view it with the Shift Rule Set setting "Can Employee Run Detailed Duty Roster Report")