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Need some reporting in Resource Assist

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There currently isn't any reporting capabilities in Resource Assist.  Some basic reporting functionality is needed within the app.  A few suggestions:

  • Requests sent by Responding Partner - How often are we sending requests to each responding partner
  • Fill Report - What is the % filled of our requests by Responding Partner
  • Requests sent per event - How often do we have to ask for more resources from a single responding partner per event

Stephanie Morman

In addition to the above... we would like to know the time it is taking between 'actions'... stats on how the duration from Initiated to Accepted... Accepted to Filled... etc.  If reporting isnt on the plan for RA, then making time stamps available that could be pulled into CM would allow us to do the same thing.

luke l. anderson

In addition to Stephanie's comments, we would like to see a dashboard in RA that compares the number of responding partner resources in RA to the number of responding partner resources in CM.  This will give us more insight if users are following the process correctly.