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Work Group History Page Showing Entire History


The Location Admin's Work Group History page: EmployeeWorkGroupHistory.aspx

is very helpful in determining the history of work-group movements for a given employee, but it appears that either it lists the last change for a given day, or doesn't track intra-day changes (if there are multiple changes for a given employee on a given day). This is problematic in a particular way: In the event a Location Admin mistakenly transfers a given employee outside of a given work group, when that work group is bidding, the preferences that the given employee listed for their bid are *deleted*. Even if the Location Admin in question here realizes their mistake and corrects immediately, those preferences are now lost for purposes of that bid. 

( ( In fairness, one can use the Company Admin Communications Report to look for emails to a given employee for both the transfer email, *and* the latest saved preference for the bid. ) )

Listing the complete record on the WorkGroup History page would have evidence in the case of a grievance about what happened. Perhaps the inclusion of a column with timestamps of the transfers?