Product IdeaBank

Enhance Spacing/Readability for Layout of Bid Announcements


Suggested Revisions to Consider

  • Add the Bid Package Effective Start and End date to EVB acknowledgement announcements so it is clear which announcement is associated with which EVB bid package. Dates will also support sorting.
  • If effective dates are associated with the product’s announcement, sort full list in Effective Start Date order, within the announcements' alphabetical product type order. Bid Line Shifts, Transfer Plans (i.e. Jet Blue long term consideration), Enhanced Vacation Bid Announcements, Enhanced Vacation Bid Package Bid Rounds, etc. If an announcement is not date dependent, place them at the bottom of the list.
  • Define a consistent standard for any bold or normal font, font type and size, as well as capitalization among the various product announcements and associated links. Currently some are in bold text, others are not. Some use capitalization, some do not. I used capitalization and bold font in product type only in my example. But the UX folks can consider what would be best.
  • Line spacing: 1 1/2 within a single announcement and 2 between multiple announcements.
  • Perhaps consider standardizing the announcement verbiage statement to be more consistent such as Product name, for [transfer plan, vacation bid, work group, shift bid, etc.] effective from / to is open. Click to view ____ (not in my example)

Image 77

Once EVB Acknowledgements are checked, they are removed from the list.

Image 78