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Mobile App - The ability to Verify and Un-Verify and email address by clicking on a checkbox

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Currently, to be able to change the verification from one email address another email, the user has to delete the one that is currently verified, then make the other email the Account Address and send the verification. If you still want to receive the callout information on the email you just deleted, you then have to add it back and select the correct settings.

Since only one email address can be verified, it would be nice if the user could just select the email address that should verified and send the verification.

It is further complicated for us since we are using the API to send the company email address, which must be in the 1st field to match the API load and avoid an error. If the company email is currently in the first field and the the user wants his personal email as the verified email. He must now delete field one email and then once the new email is verified, add the deleted email back and figure out how to get it back to field one.