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Indicate Junior Assignment check box option needed for both Group Shift Extension and Individual Shift Extension (Edit shift/Extra hours)

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The option for checking the box to Indicate Junior Assignment is only available when assigning hours via shift management. However, extra hours are assigned through both Individual Shift Extension and Group Extension as well, and the Junior Assignment box is not represented for either process. This prevents these JA hours from being represented on the Junior Assignment report.

The Group Shift Extension's primary purpose is for junior assignment, yet it is not possible to classify it as such.

The Individual Shift Extension is the most common process used for extra hours assigned when awarding them to the current day. We need the ability to classify all junior assignment awarded via this process as such.

We need the Junior Assignment box added to both the Group Shift Extension and Individual Shift Extension processes to provide both a consistent experience and consistent reporting.

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Brian Merzbach
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Hi Kirstin,

This functionality was included in the 21.42 release (RAPD-7820).  

Release notes can be found here.


Brian Merzbach