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Cases of Insufficient Accrual Account Balances for Absent Shifts - Assisted Handling

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RosterApps offers some assistance with the actions around Mark Absent and Infraction Handling for MissedPunches where an employee lacks a sufficient accrual account balance to cover the entire shift. However, if there is a Dependability Rule Set in place where an uncovered absence should accrue a penalty under Dependability, the current RosterApps absence handling functionality isn't conducive to helping the Supervisor user do the correct thing for keeping the Schedule of Record. If one has 2 hours of Sick time to cover a 8 hour absent shift, currently RosterApps will allow you to charge the 2 hours paid sick, and not enforce the splitting off of the other 6 hours, but will mark the entire shift absent with the relevant absent reason, even though the entire balance for the shift was not present.

Instead, we should consider having RosterApps split the shift at the available accrual hours amount (past ShiftStart), and using the submitted absence reason/accrual for that shift. The remaining segment would need to be handled by the Supervisor. The best answer here would be to have the ability to handle that other shift segment in the same Mark Absent action, either from the standard Mark Absent Supervisor's action on a given Employee's calendar, or via the MissedPunch Infraction handling process.

A full write-up of current state is available upon request.

courtney johnson

This would be an ideal situation across all locations; additionally, the larger the station the more beneficial this would be as to maximize time and efficiency for supervisors/attendance trackers. 

Additional because RosterApps notates shift duration in "time" and PTO bank in "decimal" Supervisors are currently required to conduct a decimal-to-time conversion when performing the manual splitting of the shift, causing this process to be even longer than it already is. With this automatic shift split in the absence of sufficient funds, this would increase efficiency overall and reduce the risk of errant attendance tracking. 

This has also be a global request by our end users since the software was originally launched.

Brian Merzbach
  • Under review


We will be reviewing this enhancement request in the near future to determine feasibility.