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Time Clock Mobile App or Functionality Addition to RosterApps Mobile App

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Many RosterApps clients have integrated time clocks or Time and Attendance systems that communicate punch information into RosterApps. There are several who do not, however, and these clients could use a solution that would allow employees to clock in and out.

Consider the creation of a simple mobile app, that would integrate with RosterApps, and allow employees to use the phone in their pocket to clock in/out. At the most basic level, if we offered that capability, and sent punch information to RosterApps (potentially including geo-location data along with the punches), that would fill the need of several different clients and potential customers.

This functionality could also just be added to the RosterApps Mobile App in some fashion, alternately to creating a standalone app.

A slightly more robust solution would enable access lists established at the Location Admin level, where you could control which employees or work groups utilized mobile clock in/out. Potentially some light reporting around punch information. We could require that location services be enabled by the mobile device, and collect geo-data with the punches, which some clients have expressed an interest in. 

Geo-Location requirements could enable geo-fencing for individual employees or work groups, enabling clock in/out at specific locations only. The potential uses for that capability are significant. With a solid and proven app, such a capability might eliminate reliance upon physical time clocks at many locations. Regular, close-to-real-time-data on employee locations could be leveraged against graphical overlays of the operation's footprint to see where one's workforce is at any given time. 

It may be that such a capability could also be leveraged in the rest of the Arcos suite of software solutions.

In the time of COVID, many client operations are running in Irregular modes and have been for months. Remote work is commonplace, and being able to remotely clock in/out would also be valuable. Additionally, many clients have portions of their workforces that travel regularly (such as aircraft mechanics), and this capability would enable them to clock in when not reporting to their regular hangar (for example). 

A simple app with just punch in/out functionality that transmits punch info along with clock time would be a great start, and could be immediately utilized by several clients, and the expanded functionality added later. 

Brian Merzbach
  • Future Consideration


This is a feature which would likely be under consideration for the mobile app.