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We need a way to send a Siren Message via SMS Text without the end user having to opt in.

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We would like to use Siren when we are having high usage days to notify employees/contractors that are logged into a substation to make them aware. These are usually people who are not in ARCOS but we know their phone number when they logged into the substation. On the initial Siren call the end user will receive a phone call and the text with the opt in/opt out option. We cannot send the message using their phone carrier text since we do not know their phone carrier. If the user does not opt in, any other Siren SMS text message sent to that device will not display if the user did not opt in.

We currently can get a text message within our company for emergency notifications on text without the opt in options. We would like certain Siren messages sent by SMS text to work the same way.