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Add Qualifications – Display Employee Name

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When acting as a Location Administrator and adding Qualifications to employee profiles via the “Edit Qualifications” Available Action, we would like the option to have the applicable employee’s name be displayed via the “Add New Qualification” page.

This will ensure that the correct Qualification is being applied to the applicable employee throughout the entire process of adding Qualifications.

Current behavior:

When applying new Qualifications by selecting the “Add New Qualifications” link the applicable employee’s name is removed and is no longer displayed. The only way to verify that the Location Administrator has the correct employee is to select “Cancel” and start the process over.

Expected behavior:

When a Location Administrator edits an employee's skills via the "Edit Skills" Available Action, the applicable employee's name is displayed throughout the whole process. Like adding new Skills to an employee’s profile, when adding new Qualifications, the employee’s name will be displayed throughout the whole process. This will create a better user experience as it will ensure that the correct employee is selected when adding Qualifications.

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This is a great idea, and this process should have a regular update interval. Monthly is good this way if a employee goes to training the system is required to be updated with the employees new skill set this will make it much easier during task assignments.

Brian Merzbach
  • Under review


Thank you for this suggestion - it has been added to our product backlog (RAPD-12313).  We will let you know when it is planned for a release.