Product IdeaBank

Make jobs created on Workbench auto assign to the individual creating the work


With the ability to create work from Workbench, it would be beneficial if it auto assigned to the person creating it as 90% of the time they are the ones completing the job.  At this time, if they create work it doesn't show up on their job list to accept until it is assigned to them which currently requires them to call into the office to have someone in the backoffice assign it to them.  The whole purpose of allowing them to create work on Workbench was to reduce the need for phone calls and back and forth to create and complete work.  

If it auto assigns to the person who creates it, for the few instances when it needs to go to another work group at least it would still show up on their job list reminding them to notify someone with access in the backoffice to assign it to the other person or workgroup. However this happens far less frequently.