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Data aging strategy needed going forward

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Need to think through issues around photo aging, data tagging, etc. How long do we save a photo after an incident is resolved? Do we need old photos when a pole is replaced? Maybe we need a concept like snapchat? Maybe have a similar concept to notes – that there are notes that associated with an outage and there are notes that are more permanent. Same as trees – how long do we keep a tree down photo?

Background: Some customers are requiring photos for everything makes me wonder about size of the image library as it grows. If 20,000 field techs are using the app, and each takes 4 pics a day, that’s 80,000 pics a day. At 4 Meg per photo its 320,000 Meg per day. Over 365 days that’s 116,800,000 Meg per year (110 Terabytes). Over 5 years there will be 550Tb of data just in photos. We need to consider how this ages and is archived.