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Ability to clear Notifications (bell) without loading notifications

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Add the ability to clear the Bell Notifications without waiting for the screen, or add the ability to auto delete or auto purge notifications.

Page load times seem to be effected when notifications start to exceed 1000.

Currently to clear notifications you must:

Click the number next to the bell

Image 180

Then Click View All

Image 181

Then you must wait for the first page of notifications to load before you can press the delete all notifications.

Image 182

Then you must wait for the system to process the request, this can take a substantial amount of time if you have 1000+ notifications.

This is probably primarily for administrators, or have most of these notifications written to a central log and have the user use the Email/SMS notifications they deem important, or the generation of notifications could be reduced by creating a simple dashboard to unselect the type of notification messages that are generated.