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Ability to create System Documentation Structure/Starting Point

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  • Future Consideration

This would be a partially empty report or series of reports (at different levels) consisting of a tables (could be an excel spreadsheet) Listing the Perspective Name, The corresponding View Set, and Filter Set (and any notes or descriptions in the system) for all perspectives.

Or a listing of all the Crew Level Attribute Names, Value Types (special attribute flags) and Formulas, this would also be repeated at the Members Level as well as the Equipment Level, The report would then also have blank space for information like Detailed Description, Used By, Configuration Notes and such.

The end goal of theses report would be to give users a starting point for system documentation and the basic structure to build out something like a Data Dictionary. This documentation would then pair nicely if users were to connect (or duplicate) their AROCS database into some sort of Data Lake system.

It could also serve as documentation on how advanced calculations were structure in case they needed to be recreated or shared with other users.

This would also then be a useful record to hand off to new ARCOS System Administrations so they have a better understanding of the system configuration.

This might also be built as a call within the API so a GUI does not need to be built, as it is thought this would probably only be used annually to review and update system documentation that is maintained outside the system.