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Communications Report by Location

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Acting as a Company Administrator and via the Reports tab, there is a Communications report that provides information where users can search for automated emails that the application has sent. 

We would like this functionality to be available by location so that users are able to report and audit the automated emails within their own location. 
This will aid in troubleshooting and audits such as verifying if an employee has received an automated email or the preferences submitted via a bid

Current behavior:

Does not exist. This report is only available at the Company Administrator level

Expected behavior:

We would like this report to be available at the Location Administrator level of each location. This will provide supporting information when troubleshooting whether or not an automated email was sent. In addition, this report will aid in scenarios where a scheduler would need to verify the bidding preferences that an employee had summitted if transferred from one bidding work group to another as they are lost during the transfer process. 

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