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Attribute Value Case Sensitivity Options

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There are some attributes in Crew Manager that may be exported from the system that may be case sensitive in other programs. We would like to see an option added to the "Values" area of an attribute that allows for values to default to certain case sensitivity. The following options would be preferred with some sort of drop down selection.

1. No Case Sensitivity
2. All Uppercase
3. All Lowercase 

In the best case scenario we would like to see this apply before AND after the setting is changed. i.e. 100 values are loaded in to the system that have the first letter uppercase. We realized there was an error when adding them and are now wanting them to be changed to all lower case. We would hope to be able to go in and select the "All Lowercase" option and it would make the needed changes in the system and we'd hope to see those reflected in the past, but not a requirement. 

cynthia kenner-brower

I think this is a good idea. It would require up-loading a few lines of code into the native programming in order to accomplish this task.