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Disable callout work start and work end times

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The work start time and Work end times in a callout are causing the called out employees schedule to reflect wrong schedule times.  Example, when a crew member is included to an existing callout, with an expired work end time, the crew members work schedule shows a start time of the callout work start, and and end time of the work end time, which is inaccurate.

Further more, the work end time on a callout blocks crew members from being called out if the work end time overlaps with the crew members scheduled work.

The work around for these nuisance, is to modify the work end times accordingly.  However, we don't see the need to have the work start and wok end times for a callout, the crew schedules should reflect when the callout started and when the work ended.

We rely heavily on the crew schedules for accuracy and we don't see the need to have a work start and work end in our use of the produce, would be nice to disable this feature as needed.