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Auto Bidding with Preferences


This suggestion comes from one of our employees who missed their bidding window for the upcoming schedule change.

The ask is to have the “Default Shift Bid Preferences” used to automatically bid for you.

This is found from the Employee Role > Bidding tab > Default Shift Bid Preferences

Image 198

The employee would need to have a more detailed preferences set, which the system seems to have. This would be around the starting time selected. The employee would need to have enough selections to cover their seniority placement.

Image 199

Currently the preferences match up in the bid in numerical order based on the employee’s settings in order of their preferences.

Image 200

An idea could be to have the preference mark the bid automatically if selected by adding the option of “Use for Auto-Bidding”.

Image 201

When selecting to “Use for Auto-Bidding” option, the preferences would automatically check the box of the line that is matched to the preferences. Having this box checked would be their confirmation. The management of this feature would be the responsibility of the employee. 

Image 202

We would need to send an email to the employee with the choices selected based on the preferences set. If the employee wants to revisit their options, they can go in and edit just like any other time.

Date Sent: 05/20/2022 13:15 PM

Employee: Bracher, Jason

Employee Email:

Subject: Your bid preferences have been assigned and saved.

Body: Your preferences for bid package TEST, effective 05/22/2022, have been saved based on your

“Default Shift Bid Preference”. If you wish to change this selection, please visit the bid package

and update before the close of the bid window.


  • Line FT_004
  • Line FT_008
  • Line FT_001

Please do not reply to this email.

*** This option would need to be controlled from the Company Admin level.­ ***

Image 203

Image 206