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Bid Packages - Days In Cycle Pattern Restriction


Description: When creating bid packages (i.e. standard and/or relief bid packages) there is a field where Location Administrators can designate a Days In Cycle Pattern. The field creates a pattern where shifts are repeated for the applicable days. With our integrated time and attendance system (i.e. UKG) there is a limit to how many days are designated in a cycle pattern. The limitation is that the cycle pattern must be set to 7-days. 

Current Behavior: Location Administrators are able to change a bid package's Days In Cycle Pattern to any number as desired. If there are cycle patterns greater than 7; the bid award schedule file will generate header columns that are not accepted as it will display the day number versus the accepted weekday headers (e.g. Day 1, Day 3, and Day 3 v. Sun, Mon, and Tues). As a result, this creates downstream issues and errors with UKG as the "Day Number" headers are not accepted.

Requested Behavior: We would like the option to restrict the Days In Cycle Pattern field within bid packages. This would be done via the Company Administrator role. The Company Administrator would be able to set a predetermined Days In Cycle Pattern number, thus restricting Location Administrators from changing/adjusting this field. For the Alaska Air Group, this would need to be separated between our two environments (i.e. Alaska and Horizon) as Horizon currently is able to accept patterns greater than 7.

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