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Conditional consideration of Rule Sets

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We need the ability to make rule sets have a multi-step/conditional consideration. An either/or functionality instead of all rule sets considered simultaneously. This is because there are cases where an action is permissible due to meeting one rule set requirement which then negates the other rule set requirements. There are rule sets that are not always applicable, yet we cannot make the rule sets conditional.

For example:

Min Continuous Rest Hours In Window and Window Hours for Min Continuous Rest Hours conflict with Min Continuous Rest Hours Before 1st Shift of Day.

If an agent has 8hrs rest within a 32hr window, they do not have to have a minimum of 8hrs rest before their first shift of the day. However, we have a rule set requiring 8hrs rest before your first shift in order to prevent a shift from one calendar day abutting a shift the next calendar day. 

Please reference Oscar 54475.