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Expand Callout Categories for Availablity Reporting

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Provide an improved experience for the users on the mobile app as regards Availability data:
At present there are the two options to view Availability: Storm and Normal.

However, many customers track acceptance rates of different callout types separately, and would be glad of the ability to present them separately in the app.
For example, a given utility might be glad to have availability data for Volunteer, Fill, and On Call Callouts independently of each other.
To that end, it seems that enabling customers to select exact callout types that they wish to report availability data for, the same way they can when the run the availability report, would be a good solution.

Note that there is also a limitation in the current functionality that is less than ideal.
A certain utility needs to report Availability in the mobile app, but the calculation should not include Volunteer or Fill shift callouts. However, there is no way to report this in the mobile app without turning off charges and credits for Volunteer and Fill Shift Callouts entirely, (which is not acceptable) so currently they cannot refer their employees to the availability calculation in the mobile app as they NEED to have credits for Volunteer callout availability reporting, are unable to provide reliable data in the mobile app because the Volunteer shifts skew the total.

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App Enhancement

Ability to view the response percentage for each callout type from the app, not just the overall percentage.

Nicholas Cipriano

That would be a huge benefit. We currently only look at the last 20 calls to determine our availability percentage. The app will show all calls in a user's history so we are unable to use it since the crews only care about the last 20. 

Kayla Fathbruckner
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