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Resource Assist Vendor Number Field

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It would be beneficial for each Company/Connection to have a field for a Vendor number.

This would be supplied from the utility side and would be the utilities internal number to reference that contractor.

This value then could become an RA Attribute that is either badged or un badged and would allow the data point to be brought into Crew Manager or to exported via the data export tool/scheduled reports, or to be visible via the API (Especially if Resource Assist is ever integrated into the API)

Maya Sandler

Moving away from identifying vendors by their name (which may change over time) and using vendor number instead of it. It is a great enhancement that will improve ARCOS data quality and will enable many other abilities. Thank you, Cameron, for requesting this as a new feature.

cynthia kenner-brower

With an API it would be nice to install a template as to how to improve an area:

Item to be improved:

Which platform on:

What it needs to do:

How it will be used:

kind of a fill in the blanks for users.

Cameron Hoffman-Brown

Simple Data field (Think RA Contractor Attribute)

Could be leveraged to allow more Extended attributes to each contractors.

This would probably need to be at the "Location" level as some contractors use the locations for each of their OpCos.

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