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RosterApps - Company Admin Security Roles for Selected User interface - fuzzy match last name


When a Company Admin is looking for a user, the getsecurityroles.aspx Report is a good place to start. However, today I ran into a situation where, despite my best efforts and a decade using RosterApps I was unable to find a user indicated via a stacktrace of an AppError. I had the username, but not way to find the user other than to infer from the username, which looked like an email address.

The issue turned out to be a married name and the user's LastName that I was looking for was now MarriedName-Lastname and I was unable to locate via several means. 

If we did a submitted string match internally to the LastName field, might this situation find the user one is looking for? If so, we should also consider adding this capability to the Add Supervisor, Add Admin, etc. areas, where the same problem arises searching for user via LastName value.