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Supervisor Role "Action Item" on employee calendar


This Idea Bank submission is a request from one of our locations.

Agents are capable of adding notifications to their calendar under the schedule personal time option as circled below.

My question is, would it be possible to create a feature for the duty desk to add notes with that same format that we could add to individuals calendars, but making the visibility exclusive to us (Schedulers and Duty Desk/timecard admins), with an optional agent visibility?

If it is possible, the 2nd feature that we would ask for is to have a report to pull those duty desk notes.

For context, this would be very useful in creating an extra layer of visibility where we could easily identify unresolved payroll issues like pending LOA’s, OJI return dates, timecard fail to punch, travel time pay codes, etc.

Current Employee Role function referenced, “Schedule Personal Time”:

Below is a mockup idea to put an image to the request. From the Supervisor Role, under the employee tab, click on the date the Action Item is to be added to.

In addition to adding the Action Item, the ask is to have a report to pull. Something like the Shift Comments report. The request is to display only “Open Action Items”.

It wouldn’t hurt to include a report to pull “Completed Action Items” just in case someone needs the reverse data


There should be additional options to the created “Action Items” such as to Edit (including a delete option), Add Additional Notes, and Complete Action Item.

Displaying all edits made to the Action Item on the day history would also be useful information.