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RosterApps - Ability to limit two-way trades to a pay-period

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Several clients want employees to be able to trade with each other, so long as the trades are repaid within the same pay period (so as to insure hours totals remain consistent). Currently, RosterApps can restrict the trade pay-back window to a calendar week or number of days, but there is no means of designating a calendar-dated pay-period and then being able to restrict two-way trades to adhere to their observance.

One approach could utilize a calendar and allow the selecting of dates, but then those must be updated and maintained. Another idea might be to allow the picking of a date for the payroll being run, and then the interval of that payroll. Such an approach would allow for those who run weekly pay periods, but perhaps offset from their calendar weeks, or those who run two-week payrolls or even those who run monthly.

Travis Denny

The original submission neglected to mention the logic/reasoning for the interval determination. Payrolls are typically very regimented and occur at regular intervals. Those intervals repeat consistently, and it would save needing to maintain a list of payroll dates if manually selected.