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Ability to auto delete/purge Imported Resources with no action in X days

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Currently resources that are imported into Crew Manager using the Data Import tool will stay in Crew Manager until they are manually deleted.

This would be an option to automatically remove Imported resources that have not be changed (no movement or modifications) in the last  X days.

This would be useful to help keep Crew Manager cleaner as crews that would "fall off" after X numbers of days. This might also be accomplished by adding a expiration date when the crews are uploaded so they don't stick around for months after a storm.

Jamie Conover

Cameron is correct, there needs to be a way to remove unwanted "imported resources".  Even if you delete them or the crew they are on, the "imported resources" are still in the system and will show up on a member search if "include imported checkbox on Add Member dialog?"  This makes it very difficult during the heat of the battle trying to locate personnel.