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Shift classification improvement


During testing and early stage roll out for our group it has become apparent that some streamlining of the shift creation process would be a great benefit. Currently QA and Production environment it has been necessary to disable the ability to add shift directly to employee calendars. The reason that they have been disabled is in order to accurately assign and determine the if the shift that is being assigned needs to count towards the OT bank or deem a shift as "Indicate Junior Assignment" is to create and assign shifts from the shift management tab. This becomes a very clumsy process when I simply need to add a shift to a mechanics calendar, but do not need to perform the assign functions that the shift management tab offers. As a product improvement request would like for the options of "Do not add hours to OT Bank" and "Indicate Junior Assignment" be added to "Create New Shift..." and "Edit Shift" screen when adding or editing employee shifts directly on an employee's calendar.